Our Mission

It's all about your Health

There’s nothing fun about your period. It is what it is and it comes with a lot of negatives – cramps, wild emotions, bloating, binge-eating and every other thing that makes a woman feel unfeminine.
It is for this reason that the new look, Ava Secrets range of luxurious sanitary products is designed to help just a little bit more during that difficult time of the month; the time when you are feeling slightly ruffled rather than the goddess you really are.

Ros Bechet’s

Creative eye spotted an idea

in Australia, some years back, which she further developed on her return to South Africa. With the fundamental principle of converting unfeminine hygiene products from being a ‘grudge purchase’ of a predominantly pharmaceutical product, into a ‘cosmetic purchase’ to be secretly aspired to.
Ros worked long and hard on the packaging and the branding to offer consumers an attractive, elegant and easily concealed tin, containing tampons, which were non-chlorinated, comfortable to the touch and with an absorbency factor higher than similar products available in the market.

From Women to Women

Ava Secrets® proudly supports Blankets from Africa, a community project of rural knitters from the Karoo, a part of the heartland of South Africa, where the level of unemployment, especially among women, had reached alarming levels, with little apparent prospect of improvement.