Our Materials & Ingredients

Health, quality and personal comfort are key factors in the design and manufacture of Ava Secrets® products. 

Our Cause

From Women to Women

We are a female-owned & operated company.

As women, we have made it our priority to develop products which will suit women perfectly. Ava Secrets® has grown steadily over the past four years, giving us a small but valuable slice of the South African feminine hygiene market. We aim to create further employment as our business continues to grow and we remain committed to ensuring that feminine hygiene is exactly that – providing natural, hygienic solutions to feminine needs.

``Giving Hope one stitch at a time.``

Ava Secrets proudly supports Blankets from Africa, a community project of rural knitters from the Karoo, a part of the heartland of South Africa, where the level of unemployment, especially among women, had reached alarming levels, with little apparent prospect of improvement. Blankets from Africa provides these women with the means to create blankets out of natural wool sheared from the very sheep which surround them. The provision of a simple pattern, needles and pure wool is the catalyst for them to generate an income, enjoy a community spirit of working in a group and experience feelings of achievement and of being valued.